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Go Global: International Exchange

Universities provide a unique opportunity to explore the world. Learn about a different country and a different culture by immersing yourself in an international exchange. UBC has established exchange agreements with the world’s finest institutions, and we encourage you to consider taking advantage of them through the Go Global program.

Go Global Opportunities

Normally taken after completion of the third year of the degree program (i.e. at the conclusion of your 3rd year foundation courses), students have the option of completing an academic term at one of our many partner institutions. Students completing an exchange term return with a better understanding of themselves and a much greater appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

Participate in a UBC Go Global program

  • Make the most of your UBC education
  • Experience international issues and ideas in the real world
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture and get a fresh perspective
  • Connect meaningfully with people in your host country as a student, not just as a tourist
  • Challenge yourself in new environments, gain confidence, and strengthen your life skills

Go Global

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