Research within the Faculty of Management at UBC’s Okanagan campus promotes interaction and collaboration among faculty, between faculty and students, and with collaborators in the community and other institutions.

Our passion is community-engaged research that empowers people to manage and lead organizations in internationally connected, rapidly-changing and fast-developing regions—including non-metropolitan regions. Our students have the opportunity to become involved in research alongside world-class researchers at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

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Institutes and Facilities

UBC’s Faculty of Management is affiliated with one research facility and four institutes. These research groups feature a variety of projects, and create a space for researchers from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds to collaborate and exchange knowledge.

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Management faculty are truly diverse in their expertise and undertake research that ranges from predicting consumer habits to advising policy makers in the creation of effective governance strategies. Faculty research seeks to improve our region and the world by addressing contemporary challenges and providing solutions that organizations can utilize.

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Research within the Faculty of Management relies heavily on partner-driven initiatives and the co-creation of knowledge. Researchers work with a variety of non-profit, private sector, and government partners to identify research challenges. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a research project, we are happy to provide you more information.

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