Community partners are co-creators in initiatives that contribute to research, teaching, and the student experience at the Faculty of Management.

Experiential Education activities within the Bachelor of Management program are currently under review by the Faculty of Management to improve the student experience. This may result in changes to some of the activities below.

Community Partnerships

Local, regional, and global communities, in collaboration with our faculty, students, alumni and donors, create impact through meaningful engagement with one another. These relationships help create a more vibrant culture of collaboration that benefits the Faculty, campus, and communities we partner with.

Teaching and Learning

An integral part of learning and teaching at the Faculty of Management is informed by the community partnerships we have, from local small businesses to regional non-profits and global organizations.

Throughout our undergraduate and graduate programs, engaging with community partners through experiential opportunities is a vital part of the teaching and learning experience.

Experiential Learning

Community partners can play a key role in helping students to apply their classroom knowledge. Community partnership opportunities are available:

  • Live Case Challenge
  • Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
  • Capstone projects
  • Co-op Education

Engaged Research

The Faculty of Management is actively involved in leading and engaging community-based research on a broad range of topics and disciplines. Our community-based research is a core part of our research practice and we welcome interest from community partners from around the world to work with us.

Collaborate with us


Alumni Relations at the Faculty of Management aims to support students from the day they enrol through to graduation and continue supporting alumni through the successes of their lifelong learning.

Collaborate With Us

As a Management alum, there are many ways you can get involved. We encourage you to become an alumni volunteer, so you can meet new friends, network, or simply enjoy volunteering and contributing to the success of other Management students.

Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

  • Attend alumni events;
  • Speak to a class of students or alumni on a topic in your area of expertise;
  • Provide career advice to current students;
  • Mentor current students; or
  • Sponsor events

For more information about these initiatives and other volunteer opportunities, please contact our office.

People on campus

Donor Support

The Faculty of Management continually pursues innovative ways to help our community members reach their potential. We welcome partnerships with donors in a number of areas including donor-funded research, new and existing programming, and student awards. Your support helps us to continue delivering on our commitment to teaching and learning excellence while pursuing research that positively impacts communities in the Okanagan and beyond.

Creating Opportunities

Explore the ways your support can make a difference.

  • Support towards community engaged, and regional, socio-economic impact research being conducted that will have a lasting impact for this region and similar regions internationally.
  • Support in the form of new endowed funding that could be towards a chair, professorship, or a research program.
  • Funding that will support new and innovative Management programming, that looks to re-define leadership and inspire new thinking about management in today’s globally connected, fast-paced environment.
  • Funding for interdisciplinary, experiential, flexible and accessibly delivered programs to undergraduate and graduate Management students.

Bursaries and scholarships to support student learning, reduce financial barriers, and provide opportunities for students to explore and engage in all types of experiences as undergraduate and graduate students.