The Management Experience

UBC’s Okanagan Campus

Faculty of Management students come to UBC’s Okanagan campus from all over the world for a quality education in business leadership. Collectively, this diversity forms an international perspective that is an advantage in an ever-growing global economy. UBC’s Okanagan campus maintains smaller class sizes to ensure that students have valuable one-on-one interactions with professors, a true advantage for any student. Consistently ranked within the top 30 universities in the world, UBC’s Okanagan campus is a small campus with a big reputation

Who is the Faculty of Management?

Faculty of Management professors are truly diverse in their expertise and produce research that ranges from predicting consumer habits to advising policy makers in the creation of effective corporate governance policies. Faculty research seeks to improve the business world by answering tough questions and providing solutions that any company or organization can utilize.

Our Faculty members are not only prominent researchers, but are leaders in business education who give students the tools they need to win in international business competitions, make compelling arguments in global business conferences, and land the dream job upon graduation. Proud of its culture, the Faculty of Management is a loyal community of students, faculty, and alumni that continue to create successful business leaders and innovators.

Why Come to the Faculty of Management?

Management students choose UBC to gain practical, hands-on experience that applies to their future careers. Lectures encompass relevant and cutting-edge topics in the business world, ensuring that students enter the workforce ready to lead and improve best business practices. Fuelled by the desire to experience the world, students gain international experience through academic exchange, participation in competitions and conferences, and internships in countries all over the world. Students emerge not just educated, but experienced and transformed.

Your education is an investment: in your career, in your character, and your professional and academic goals. Make it count.