Grace Fan

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Management
Office: EME 4119
Phone: 250.807.9717

Courses & Teaching

MGMT 450 Entrepreneurship
MGMT 360 Business Conditions Analysis


Dr. Fan joined the Faculty of Management at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus in 2012. She obtained her PhD in Organization and Management from Imperial College London. Her thesis employs the lens of institutional logics to explore private entrepreneurship in China.

Dr. Fan’s research focuses on exploring the processes through which organizations, communities, and individuals draw on emotions, values, power, institutional logics, and other cultural symbols to initiate institutional change.

She is passionate about solving theoretical puzzles to gain new insights into the relationship among institutions, organizations, emotions, values and power. She is interested in incorporating concepts outside the traditional domain of management research to the contexts of indigenous communities and environmental sustainability to develop new theory, deepen existing understandings, and challenge taken-for-granted assumptions. Her interdisciplinary research approach seeks to embrace complexity rather than reduce it. She is sensitive to process, context and time. For her, research is a creative process involving the interplay between new data and new thinking. For every research project that Dr. Fan undertakes, she asks herself the following questions: “Does my research draw on a distinct theoretical tradition and also contribute towards developing that tradition? How does it advance existing theoretical understanding of the phenomenon at hand? What is new and challenging here?”

Dr. Fan is a member of the Academy of Management, the European Group of Organization Studies, and the International Association of Chinese Management Research. She regularly reviews for the Organization and Management Theory Division, and Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy. She is an ad hoc reviewer for Organization Science, Organization Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, and Human Relations. She sits on the Editorial Review Board of Management & Organization Review<.

Prior to becoming an academic, she worked in the field of private equity, and served as executive board members of companies under investment. She is an invited panellist for the “Women in Boardroom” Forum in United Kingdom. She also taught executive education at London Business School, achieving a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Dr. Fan has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America. These experiences have greatly enriched her life, and gifted her the humanity to embrace different cultures and diverse points of view. Outside of work, Dr. Fan loves travelling, music, organic food, hiking, dancing, swimming, meditation, and yoga.


PhD, Imperial College London
MBA, London Business School
BA, Shanghai International Studies University

Selected Publications & Presentations

Selected Referred Publications

Fan, G. H. & Zietsma, C. (forthcoming). Academy of Management Journal. Constructing a shared governance logic: The role of emotions in enabling dually embedded agency.

Selected Referred Conference Presentations

Fan, G.H. “Infusing emotions, lived experience, and soft power in identity work: creating a new organizing model in water sustainability in the Okanagan”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Anaheim, August 2016.

Fan, G.H. & Rottner, R. “Pulling in and pushing away: Constructing an entrepreneurial logic”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver, August 2015.

Fan, G. H. & Zietsma, C. “Affective commitment, moral emotions and emotional energy: Building a shared governance logic in the Okanagan”, Institutions and Emotions
Workshop, Toronto, December 2014.

Fan, G. H. “Emotions and logics: Water sustainability in the Okanagan”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, August 2014.

Fan, G.H. “Combining institutional logics to construct organizational identity”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, August 2012.

Fan, G.H. “Shifts in societal level institutional logics: political theorization, localized experimentation and entrepreneurial adaptation”, European Group for Organizational
Studies Annual Meeting, Gothenburg, July 2011; Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, August 2011.

Fan, G.H. “A longitudinal study on entrepreneurial processes of internationalization: cognition, capabilities and relations”, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San
Antonio, Texas, August 2011.

Fan, G.H. & Child, J. “Government policies and organizational legitimacy: a co-evolutionary perspective on the emergence and evolution of large-scale Chinese POEs 1978 – 2009”, European Group for Organizational Studies Annual Meeting, Lisbon, July 2010.

Other Invited Activities

Expert panellist (invited) on “Your Next Step: Starting Your Business in Kelowna” event, organized by UBC and sponsored by CBC Radio, Kelowna, BC, February 2016.

Chair and discussant (invited): “Accommodating Stakeholders and Audiences: Ambivalence, Ambiguity, Misalignment & Prioritization”, Scholarly Paper Session, Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, August 2015.

Chair and Discussant (invited): “Plural Institutionalism”, Scholarly Paper Session, Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, St. Antonia, August 2011.

Invited Reviewer for Carolyn Dexter Award, an All-Academy award given to the paper that best meets the objective of internationalizing the Academy of Management, 2013,
2014 and 2015.

Selected Grants & Awards

Best Reviewer Award, Management and Organization Review, 2015.

SSHRC Insight Development Grant #430-2014-00826 ($73,800), 2014-2016.

Finalist, Best Symposium, “Bridging institutional analysis with micro cultural dynamics in explaining environment sustainability”,Management and Organization Theory Division, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 2014.

UBC Individual Research Grant, 2013-2014

Imperial College Business School Research Grant, 2010-2011

Worldwide University Network Research Mobility Programme, 2009 and 2010

Universities’ China Committee in London Research Grant, 2009


Interviewed on CBC radio regarding the proposed Water Sustainability Act of British Columbia, August 2014

Kelowna Capital News and Castanet reports on water sustainability research in British Columbia, August 2014:


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