The Master of Management program welcomes applications from candidates able to commit to two years of part-time online study and three intensive residential sessions, held for two weeks each July at UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna, BC.

The program is flexible and allows highly-motivated full-time employees to complete the program in 25 months. We also encourage applications from recent bachelor degree graduates with relevant experience, as well as candidates on career sabbatical.

Application Requirements Overview

The selection process is guided by the criteria below, but we also welcome applications from candidates who satisfy competence prerequisites in other demonstrable ways. Those candidates are encouraged to contact the Graduate Program Coordinator for personal advising.

  • Academic Achievement: This will be evaluated based on your academic transcript(s) and three references, typically a combination of academic and professional references.
  • Experience: Relevant professional or other applicable experience is considered a significant asset and should be normally a minimum of 3 years. Your motivation and fit for the program will be evaluated through your curriculum vitae, application, and an interview (in-person, telephone, or Skype).
  • English Proficiency: Applicants must be able to speak, comprehend, and write fluently in English. An English proficiency exam is required for all candidates who have not completed a prior degree taught in English.
  • General Capabilities: To be assessed by a graduate admission test score (GMAT or GRE). Exemptions may be granted upon request.

All Requirements

Requirement Description

Academic Achievement

A four-year Bachelor's degree from a UBC-recognized institution with B+ average (76% or 3.0 GPA)*.

*As degrees/grading systems differ widely between countries, applicants with degrees from outside North America should review country–specific requirements listed here.

Readiness for contribution to a diverse peer-learning community1

This is assessed using your completed application package, particularly your answers to questions asked in the application. Applicants will be contacted for an interview.

English Proficiency (if required)

Applicants must be must be able to speak, comprehend, and write fluently in English. An English proficiency exam is required for all candidates who have not completed a prior degree taught in English.

TOEFL: iBT: 100 (with minimum scores of 22 in Reading and Listening); paper-based 600; computer-based: 250 (all three tests are acceptable, and must have been written within the last 2 years)

IELTS (Academic): 6.5 overall with no component score below 6.0 (scores are valid if test written within the last 2 years)

MELAB: 85 with a final score of 3 on the speaking test


GMAT score of 550 with at least a 50th percentile in each test section. Scores are valid if written within the last 5 years.

GRE score of 300 combined (verbal and quantitative sections) (use code 0815)

Exemptions may be granted based on previous education.

1 We compose each admitted cohort with attention to diversity of backgrounds and experiences giving each cohort year a broad range of individual experiences from which the group might draw insights and comparative knowledge.

Academic, GMAT/GRE, and English Proficiency Documents

  1. Academic Transcripts: Please arrange to have your official transcripts sent directly to the Faculty of Management as early as possible. Transcripts are required from all universities or colleges that you have attended.
    • Official documents must be received in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution.
    • UBC graduates need not submit official transcripts (unless you have attended an institution after attending UBC).
    • Okanagan University College graduates who completed their degree prior to the school being renamed to UBC must submit an official transcript (requests are made to Okanagan College).
    • English language translations of transcripts and degree certificates (if required) must accompany official transcripts issued in a language other than English. These documents must be sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution to be considered official. If your university is unable to provide translated official records in English, you must arrange to have the translation completed by following these steps:
      1. Make a copy of a separate transcript or certificate for translation (do not open the official sealed copy intended for the Faculty of Management);
      2. Provide a translator with the copied item(s) for translation and request a complete, word for word, literal English translation, endorsed with the translator’s numbered seal;
      3. Ask the translator to place the original language transcript or certificate, the copy of the transcript or certificate and the literal English translations into an envelope, and have him or her seal and endorse the envelope with their numbered stamp.
    • Submit this sealed envelope to the Faculty of Management (do not open).
  2. Code/institutional identifiers for English language tests (if required) and GMAT or GRE: The following table lists the codes to be used in order for official test results to be issued directly to UBC’s Okanagan campus, as well as timing considerations.
Test Code or other institution identifier Approximate length of time for scores to arrive at our office


LQS-IL-91 (“University of British Columbia Okanagan”)

Approximately 1 week (however you are encouraged to write the exam 4-6 weeks prior to the application deadline to allow time to rewrite if necessary)



Approximately 4 weeks



Internet- or computer-based test: Approximately 3 weeks

Paper-based test: Approximately 4-6 weeks

IELTS (Academic)

“UBC Okanagan Campus”

Approximately 3 weeks


“University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus”

Approximately 4-6 weeks

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