Discipline Supervisor Area(s) of Research IGS Programs
Dr. Barbara Marcolin Entrepreneurial Technology, Fast Features, Partnering, Participatory Requirements, Effective Technology Use, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) Methods, & User Competence.

Masters, PhD

Dr. Mike Chiasson
Social Contexts in IS Development & Implementation, e-Health, Enterprise Research Development, System Development and the effects of IT within medical, legal, entrepreneurial, and government settings

Masters, PhD

Management Dr. Arjun Bhardwaj International Business & Sustainability Masters, PhD
Dr. Grace Fan Institutional Theory and Logics, & International Entrepreneurial Dynamics Masters, PhD
Marketing Dr. Annamma Joy Luxury Brands, Fashion & Sustainability, Taste Cultures, Wine Marketing, & Social Media Masters, PhD
Dr. Eric Li Consumer Behaviour, Advertising, & Marketing Strategy Masters
Dr. Ying Zhu Consumer Behaviour, Branding, Pricing, & Marketing Strategy Masters, PhD

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