Birgit Weischedel 2012

Birgit Weischedel

Sessional Lecturer

Office: EME 4101
Phone: 250-807-9462

Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing); University of Otago (New Zealand)
MBA, University of Montana (Missoula, MT)
MSc, (Business Admin); University of Regensburg (Germany)

Refereed Journal Articles

"The Use of Emetrics in Strategic Marketing Decisions - A Preliminary Investigation" (2005), International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising; Vol. 2 No. 1/2; Birgit Weischedel, Sheelagh Matear, Kenneth R. Deans, p. 109-125.

"A Qualitative Approach to Investigating Online Strategic Decision-Making" (2005), Qualitative Market Research; Vol. 8 No. 1; Birgit Weischedel, Sheelagh Matear, Kenneth R. Deans, p. 61-76.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

"Website Optimization with Web Metrics: A Case Study"; Birgit Weischedel, Eelko Huizingh; Eighth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (Fredericton, New Brunswick; August 14-16, 2006).

"Emetrics - An Empirical Study of Marketing Performance Measures for Web Businesses"; Birgit Weischedel, Kenneth R. Deans, Sheelagh Matear; PMA Conference 2004 (Edinburgh, UK; July 28-30, 2004)

"The Use of E-metrics in Strategic Marketing Decisions - A Preliminary Investigation"; Birgit Weischedel, Sheelagh Matear, Kenneth R. Deans; Business Excellence '03 (Guimaraes, Portugal; June 10-13, 2003)

"Successful Email Strategies for Global Communications: Overcoming the Delete Factor"; MaryEllen Campbell, Birgit Weischedel; Association of Business Communications 66th Annual Convention (San Diego, California; November 7-10, 2001)

"Strategic Email: A Tool For Effective International Communications"; MaryEllen Campbell, Birgit Weischedel; Academy of Business Administration International Conference (Lisbon, Portugal; August 2001)

"Strategic Email: The Vehicle That Brings Small Businesses To The World"; MaryEllen Campbell, Birgit Weischedel; Association for Business Communication Int'l Conference (Vancouver, BC; April 2001)


Dr. Weischedel started teaching within the Faculty of Management at The University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus in 2008. At that point, a new E Commerce course was introduced to the Business Program that Dr. Weischedel designed and implemented.

Prior to joining UBC, Dr. Weischedel studied and worked at the University of Otago in New Zealand, tutoring and teaching Marketing, Strategy and Online Marketing courses. She has taught Marketing courses at the Shanghai Institute of Technology and the Tianjin University of Technology, China.

Dr. Weischedel also teaches locally at Okanagan College and conducts consulting for online marketing and web analytics. She works as an online tutor for E Commerce and has also recently designed an online E Commerce course for BC Open Learning.

Dr. Weischedel's areas of expertise include E Commerce, Online Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research and Computer Applications. Research interests focus on web analytics and their use in various areas of online marketing and strategy. She is a member of the Web Analytics Association.

Dr. Weischedel has lived, studied and worked in various countries; an experience that gives her a unique perspective on cultures and how cultural differences affect learning and studying. This expansion of horizon allows her to approach marketing and management topics from an international angle, something that is critical for the increasingly global markets.

Outside of academia, Dr. Weischedel can often be found training for, racing, organizing or officiating triathlons. She also enjoys travelling and most every outdoor adventure, especially if it involves mountains.

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