Faculty and Staff

Dean’s Office

Dr. Roger Sugden
Professor and Dean
Office: EME 4155
Phone: 250.807.9462
Fax: 250.807.8533
E-mail: Roger.Sugden@ubc.ca
Dr. Keith Culver
Professor and Associate Dean for Regional Innovation Practice
Office: EME 4153
Phone: 250.807.9875
E-mail: Keith.Culver@ubc.ca
Kristi Carter
Associate Director, Academic Programs
Office: EME 4147
Phone: 250.807.9138
Fax: 250.807.8533
E-mail: Kristi.Carter@ubc.ca
Jamie Snow (on leave)
Associate Director, Community Relations
Office: EME 4149
Phone: 250.807.9206
Fax: 250.807.8533
E-mail: Jamie.Snow@ubc.ca
 Position Vacant
Manager, Planning and Operations
Dr. Mary Butterfield (on leave)
Senior Advisor – Research
Office: EME 4103
Phone: 250.807.8157
Fax: 250.807.8533
E-mail: Mary.Butterfield@ubc.ca


Name Office Phone E-mail Address
Dr. Arjun Bhardwaj EME 4107 250.807.8898 Arjun.Bhardwaj@ubc.ca
Dr. Mike Chiasson EME 4159 250.807.8248 Mike.Chiasson@ubc.ca
Dr. Trish Corner EME 4115 250.807.8583 Trish.Corner@ubc.ca
Dr. Jennifer Davis EME 4123 250.807.9507 Jennifer.Davis@ubc.ca
Dr. Gino DiLabio EME 4155 250.807.8617 Gino.DiLabio@ubc.ca
Dr. Grace H. Fan (on leave) on leave on leave Grace.Fan@ubc.ca
Dr. Sandy Hilton (Undergraduate Curriculum Lead) EME 4161 250.807.8254 Sandy.Hilton@ubc.ca
Dr. Annamma Joy EME 4129 250.807.8606 Annamma.Joy@ubc.ca
Dr. Eric Li EME 4125 250.807.8853 Eric.Li@ubc.ca
Dr. Barbara Marcolin EME 4113 250.807.9637 Barb.Marcolin@ubc.ca
Dr. Nathan Pelletier EME 4155 250.807.8245 Nathan.Pelletier@ubc.ca
Dr. David Walker EME 4105 250.807.9801 David.Walker@ubc.ca
Dr. Ying Zhu EME 4131 250.807.9836 Ying.Zhu@ubc.ca
Joanna Cockerline EME 4117 250.807.9462 Joanna.Cockerline@ubc.ca
Tamara Ebl,
EME 4127 250.807.9221 Tamara.Ebl@ubc.ca
Norine Webster, MBA EME 4109 250.807.8847 Norine.Webster@ubc.ca
Eric Zvaniga, MBA EME 4141 250.807.8421 Eric.Zvaniga@ubc.ca
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Associate Member

Name Office Phone E-mail Address
Dr. Michael
EME 4155 250.807.8540 Michael.Burgess@ubc.ca
Dr. Jan Cioe EME 4161 250.807.8732 Jan.Cioe@ubc.ca
Dr. Paul Davies EME 4117 250.807.8727 paul.g.davies@ubc.ca
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Sessional and Adjunct Professors

Name Office Phone E-mail Address
Tanja Halsall, MA, CPHR EME 4117 250.807.9462 Tanja.Halsall@ubc.ca
John Henderson EME 4101 250.807.9462 John.Henderson@ubc.ca
Jana Martin EME 4101 250.807.9462 Jana.Martin@ubc.ca
Monic Pratch EME 4101 250.807.9462 Monic.Pratch@ubc.ca
Dr. Birgit Weischedel EME 4101 250.807.9462 Birgit.Weischedel@ubc.ca
Sheila Westwell, CPA, CA EME 4101 250.807.9462 Sheila.Westwell@ubc.ca
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Capstone Instructors

Name Office Phone Email Address
Russell Fields EME 4139 250.807.9462 Russ.Fields@ubc.ca
David Jenkins EME 4139 250.807.9462 David.Jenkins@ubc.ca
Greg Ruetz EME 4139 250.807.9462 Greg.Ruetz@ubc.ca
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Postdoctoral Fellows and Honorary Research Associates

Name Office Phone Email Address
Dr. Romi Jain EME 4101 n/a romi.jain@ubc.ca
Dr. Malida Mooken EME 4157 n/a malida.mooken@ubc.ca
Marcela Valania EME 4157 n/a marcela.valania@ubc.ca
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Name Office Phone Email Address
Kim Buschert
Liaison and Outreach Librarian
EME 4157 250.807.9331 Kim.Buschert@ubc.ca
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Name Office Phone E-mail Address
Stephanie Baziuk
Co-op & Career Coordinator
 EME 4145 250.807.8117 Stephanie.Baziuk@ubc.ca
Chris Brunet
Finance Manager
EME 4111 250.807.8520 Chris.Brunet@ubc.ca
Lena Dombrosky
Reception & Administrative Assistant
EME 4120 250.807.9462 fom.reception@ubc.ca
Dayl Hancock
Academic Programs Coordinator
EME 4149 250.807.9167 Dayl.Hancock@ubc.ca
Andrea Klassen
Academic Advisor – Management Specialist
UNC 207 250.807.8566 Andrea.Klassen@ubc.ca
Hilary Penko
Co-op Administrative Assistant
EME 4145 250.807.9623 Hilary.Penko@ubc.ca
Meghan Reid
Co-op & Career Coordinator
EME 4145 250.807.8235 Meghan.Reid@ubc.ca
Caitlin Sirett
Special Projects Coordinator
EME 4151 250.807.9946 Caitlin.Sirett@ubc.ca
Patrick Vanderburg
Operations and Faculty Assistant
EME 4145 250.807.8462 Patrick.Vanderburg@ubc.ca
Paula Verholen
Partner Engagement Advisor
EME 4145B 250.807.8243 Paula.Verholen@ubc.ca
Morgan Milobar Faculty and Programs Administrative Assistant EME 4145 250.807.8678 Morgan.Milobar@ubc.ca
Carli Berry Writer/Communications Officer EME 4145A 250.807.9426 Carli.Berry@ubc.ca
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Faculty of Management Offices

Office Name Office Phone E-mail Address
Academic Advising UNC 207 250.807.9100
(toll-free in Canada & U.S.)
Alumni Relations EME 4145 250.807.9462 fom.alumni@ubc.ca
Co-op Education Office EME 4145 250.807.9623 coop.ok@ubc.ca
Administration EME 4145 250.807.9462 fom.reception@ubc.ca
Master of Management Program EME 4145 250.807.9644


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Mailing Address

Faculty of Management

The University of British Columbia

EME 4145 – 1137 Alumni Ave

Kelowna, BC Canada

V1V 1V7
Phone: 250.807.9462

Fax: 250.807.8533

E-mail: fom.reception@ubc.ca

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