Academic Resources

Below is a list of links and resources that you will find useful in your studies at The University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus.

Academic Calendar

The UBC Academic Calendar is an online guide to all UBC programs, courses, services, policies and regulations. Look here for specific admissions, academic, and transfer guidelines.

Academic Advising

Bachelor of Management students in all years can visit the Advising & Involvement Centre at UBC’s Okanagan Campus, which is committed to enhancing student success by engaging students in making informed choices about their personal academic planning. Please visit the additional degree planning information in this section when planning your degree completion.


Course Planning

The Faculty of Management has put together course planning pages together for current students, to help them with their credit selections. NOTE: the Bachelor of Management program delivery will be evolving to a 4-year from a 2+2 program. The program change will be phased in over time, starting with Year 1 students who join the faculty in September 2017. Students currently enrolled in the Faculty of Management will continue on the 2+2 program delivery.

Student Forms
The following Management student forms are available for various student requests. Please fill out and return to an Academic Advisor in the Advising & Involvement Centre as soon as possible: