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Info for Participating Organizations

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Reverse Career Fair is open to ALL UBC students from all disciplines and degree programs. We encourage organizations from a variety of industries to register for this event.

Reverse Career Fair

March 14, 2018 | 5:00-7:00 p.m. | UBC's Okanagan campus, FIPKE 204 & Foyer

A twist on the usual career fair, participating companies will give fast 3-minute introductions of their business and projects, followed by a networking event complete with catered food and refreshments.

About the event

The 20 participating companies will take to the stage for a 1-minute opportunity to introduce their company to 100+ attending students & alumni. Use this time to showcase exciting projects, share your company’s unique culture or product, give a demonstration, sing a song – whatever you like!After this everyone is invited to network, build connections and enjoy catered food and refreshments. The aim of the event is to help Okanagan-based organizations build employer brand awareness with the next generation of university talent and to possible hire should the right candidate come along.

Registration prices

The event is open to all community partners interested in some networking with students and alumni. If you would prefer to attend and not take the stage, community networking tickets are available. Tickets includes access to the rapid introductions, followed by networking with catered food and one drink ticket.

  • UBC alumni $10
  • Company Profiling registration: $45 (includes 3-minute profiling opportunity on stage to 100+ participants, access to networking, catered food and one drink ticket)
  • Community Networking registration: $20 (for registration of additional members from the same profiling organization that would like to attend and/or any community partner looking to participate in the evening but not wanting to take the stage, includes access to full evening of activities, catered food and one drink ticket)

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