The culminating project for the Bachelor of Management is the Capstone Service Learning and Consulting course. The Capstone course is an opportunity for students to apply what they’ve learned during their degree to address a specific community challenge presented by a local organization or business.

Over a semester, students work in small groups to research, analyze and develop recommendations to address a particular challenge provided by the community partner. This final project of the Bachelor of Management degree offers both students and the organizations that participate, a unique opportunity to engage and learn from one another to solve real-time challenges.

Benefits of Participating

The Bachelor of Management Capstone projects are a win-win-win scenario that benefits all parties involved:

  • Organizations benefit by receiving recommendations and solutions to an operational challenge.
  • Organizations will receive a comprehensive written report and presentation outlining the student group’s research and proposed recommendations.
  • Students benefit by being able to collaborate in a group while demonstrating learning and proficiency.
  • UBC benefits by connecting with community partners, co-creating and advancing education programs to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities.


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Project Success Criteria

The following factors contribute to a successful outcome for your organization and the student group:

  • Capstone projects run each of the following academic terms – January to April, and September to December
  • Students along with their assigned community partner, will meet at the beginning of the project and develop a Project Charter
  • Students working with the community partner set frequency and best communication methods (meetings, progress reports etc.)
  • Two checkpoints throughout the term help ensure students are demonstrating progress to their capstone instructor
  • End of the term all student groups present their recommendations with a final written report and a group presentation to both instructor and community partner

Opportunities for Community Partners

If you are interested in learning more about how a Capstone Project might be a fit for your organization, please contact us. If you have a project you’d like to submit for consideration, please complete the following form.

Project applications are accepted year-round, with student groups assigned each September or January, for four-month engagements.

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