Meet the Dean



Welcome to UBC’s Faculty of Management…

We are passionately committed to making a unique contribution to UBC’s reputation as among the best universities in the world. Our especial attention is on students, and on entrepreneurs, leaders and citizens. We teach and research the managing of socio-economic activity; affording particular consideration to people and societies, we explore business and organization, including small and medium sized firms, social enterprises and community organizations.

Our aim is to enable imagination and to nurture the capabilities of people to be entrepreneurial, simultaneously leaders who contribute to the development of thriving communities.

The foundation for our activity is UBC’s strong values. We cherish free inquiry and scholarly responsibility as the basis for advancing and sharing knowledge. We give centre-stage to public interest. Our vision is for people to understand businesses and organizations from multiple perspectives, accounting for all interests and focusing explicitly on ethics; thus for people to be creative in imagining and realizing the future.

As a Faculty we are committed to enhancing and drawing from the special characteristics of UBC’s Okanagan Campus. An intimate, people-focused environment for teaching, research and community engagement. A creative arena for inter- and multi-disciplinary study. A diverse, cross-cultural space that integrates the local and the international.

We began with 27 students in 2005 and have grown rapidly in seven years to 850 students in undergraduate and new graduate degree programs. We attract renowned faculty from all over the globe and are building an international network of university, community and organizational partners. We are committed to teaching excellence, to creating business and community partnerships, and to conducting research that can be utilized in the Okanagan and beyond.

Our intention is to have a major impact on the socio-economic development of the Okanagan, the British Columbia interior and comparable regions throughout the world.

We very much look forward to engaging with you in whatever aspects of management you find interesting.