Roger Sugden


Faculty of Management
Office: EME 4145
Phone: 250.807.9462


Roger Sugden (PhD in Economics) is Professor and Dean at UBC’s Faculty of Management, and Director of the Regional Socio-Economic Development Institute of Canada (RSEDIC).

He has previously worked in the UK at the universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh and Stirling, and in Germany at the Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin. He has also been Visiting Professor at the Università di Ferrara, Italy, and Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Sugden is an expert on economic organization and socio-economic development. He focuses on regions and globalization, and the interests of publics. His research explores the role that universities can play in communities and societies by bringing together academia and industry to create a unique driver for innovation, becoming a regional focal point for industries that are looking for collaborative opportunities.

He has written extensively about creativity and creative processes for empowering publics to express their voice and act in innovative ways to impact their socio-economic future. He has extensive experience and expertise in research knowledge mobilization, having designed and led outreach activities in different parts of the world, including Canada, UK, Italy and Argentina. Current projects include work on the organization of knowledge to support British Columbia’s wine industry; the recent history of occupational structure and economic strategy in the Okanagan, British Columbia; and the organization of contemporary management schools in peripheral regions.


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