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UBC Faculty of Management


For informed students, citizens, leaders and entrepreneurs to understand business and organizations from multiple perspectives, accounting for public interests, in particular communities and regions, and focusing explicitly on ethics; thus for people to be creative in imagining and realizing their future.


To be outstanding in our contributions in scholarship, education and service in order to: Nurture the capabilities of students, citizens, leaders and entrepreneurs to be enterprising and imaginative in leading and managing the development of flourishing and sustainable businesses, organizations, communities and regions.

FOM Mission Statement

For many regions across the world, including the British Columbia interior and Okanagan Valley, four sets of issues are especially significant for socioeconomic well-being:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION, the basis for regions whose socioeconomic well-being depends especially upon small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations;

Knowledge from the SOCIAL SCIENCES, ARTS, HUMANITIES, & SCIENCES pertinent to the strategy, operation and activities of businesses and organizations, including to their new product and production possibilities;

SOCIETY & COMMUNITY, providing the context for the strategy and operation of businesses and organizations, and upon which businesses and organizations impact;

LEADERSHIP & CITIZENSHIP, significant because the way a business or organization is led - by whom, in what manner and to what purpose - has critical implications for its success, and because those leading, managing and working in businesses might have wider concerns as citizens of societies and communities.

The diagram indicates that the interface between these issues warrants particular attention when thinking about the management of businesses and organizations relevant to regional socioeconomic well-being. Directly and indirectly, that interface is the focal point of teaching, research and service at UBC's Faculty of Management.

Leading and Managing in the Faculty

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