Application Questions

The questions below will need to be completed as part of the online application.  The Admissions Committee will use this information to assess each applicant’s leadership potential, maturity and overall fit for the cohort and the MM program.

1. The Master of Management program develops leaders and managers who are enterprising, imaginative and adaptive. To help us understand your current capabilities as a manager and leader please discuss the following:

  • the duties of employment position(s) you have held
  • leadership or management workshops, seminars or similar training you have received
  • advancements or promotions you have received
  • your style of leading including any experience of managing people
  • the nature of the activities for organizations in which you have been involved
  • any other information that will help us understand your approach to leading and managing

(300 words)

2. One of the goals of the Master of Management program is a mix of participants from diverse places and regions. With that in mind, please answer the following:

  • Which regional settings are you and have you lived and worked?
  • Briefly describe the significant cultural and historical features of one or more of these regions.
  • What opportunities and challenges for socio-economic development do you see for one or more of these regions?
  • What capacities do you need to develop in order to help organizations in one or more of these regions?
  • Identify and justify a particular region and opportunity-challenge you would like to focus on in your studies.

(350 words)

3. The Master of Management program will deepen your knowledge of core management subjects such as: Accounting, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Ethics, Research Methods, Regional Development, Organizations, General Management, and Information Technology.

  • What, if any, education or experiences have you had in these subjects?
  • If you have had little or no exposure to any of these subjects, how will you carry any additional and necessary reading, beyond the normal course reading, in order to participate effectively in the MM program?

(150 words)

4. To help us understand your current style and capabilities when leading, please:

  • Describe a contribution you have made in leading an organization.
    • What key lessons did you learn from this experience?
  • Describe an incident where you feel a particular leadership approach did not work well.
    • What did you learn from this incident about an alternative approach to leadership?
    • How might you have acted differently to achieve this alternative approach to leadership? 

(350 words)

5. Master of Management participants will attend three two-week sessions in residence at UBC's Okanagan campus and six online sessions over the 25 month period.

  • How do your other obligations allow or prevent you from participating in these sessions over the 25 months?
  • Briefly describe the adjustments you will need to participate fully in the program over the 25 months and maintain a healthy balance of work, education and personal/social life.

(150 words)

6. Master of Management program participants will connect with faculty and each other using a variety of online tools.

  • Do you have a laptop and access to a high-speed Internet connection for use in the program?
  • Please identify what software programs you are familiar with and whether you would count yourself a beginner, intermediate or experienced user with each.
  • Are you comfortable participating and discussing concepts, topics and word with other faculty and students?
  • Are you able to provide and take constructive critique, privately and publicly?

(150 words)

7. Participants in the Master of Management program will be active participants of their educational experience. This approach to education requires a willingness to experiment, an ability to learn from failure and, most importantly, a creative and adaptive orientation to learning.

  • Please tell us what activities and steps you would take during the MM to contribute to and thrive in a learning environment that is not traditionally structured.

(200 words)

8. Tell us about what attracts you to the Master of Management program. How do you anticipate being changed by the program? Where do you anticipate you will be living and working after completing the program?

(200 words)

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