Jacques-Olivier Pesme

Director, Wine Research Centre

Faculty of Management
Email: jo.pesme@ubc.ca


Dr. Jacques-Olivier Pesme is the Director of the Wine Research Center at the University of British Columbia (Canada). His fields of research include wine region competitiveness, wine trade, strategy and sustainability. Dr. Pesme’s extensive expertise in wine regions around the world informs his collaborative approach to bringing diverse academic and industry leaders together to address some of the pressing challenges the wine industry faces today.

Dr. Pesme is a founding member of several wine organizations including the ISVV -Institute of Vine and Wine Science in Bordeaux and serves on several boards of different professional and institutional bodies operating in the wine sector. In 2020, he was a member of the final jury for the Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois classification and various juries for winery performance. From 2018-2022, Dr. Pesme was a Professor in wine business at the University of Adelaide (Australia).

In 2004, he was awarded the Oenovation Prize for the best technological innovation in the wine sector. Having worked as a market analysis senior consultant International Trade Center in Geneva for more than a decade, Dr. Pesme developed a sustained interest in the subject of Industry competitiveness and economic performance, which he applies to the wine sector.

Prior to joining UBC, Dr. Pesme was Associate Dean at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux (France) until 2018 where he was in charge of the Wine & Spirits Academy, offering master degrees applied to the wine industry as well as tailor-made programs for wines and spirits leaders.

Dr. Pesme has been instrumental in developing and delivering innovative programming to the BC wine territory and beyond including the annual Wine Leaders Forum which brings together winery owners and principals with the aim to foster an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing and applied research. His conviction in the potential for BC to be one of the greatest wine regions of the world inspires his leadership of the dual-campus Wine Research Centre. As the world of wines evolves rapidly after centuries of a fixed state of business, Dr. Pesme believes Canada and BC wines have a distinct role to play. While inspired by the specificity of the West Coast of Canada’s energy and spirit he is also actively involved on wine issues in Europe, North America and Australia.

Dr. Pesme has published two books about sustainable tourism and export competitiveness and is the author of numerous articles on strategy and wine issues with more than 30 reports for international organizations as a subject matter expert.

Dr. Pesme graduated from the KEDGE Bordeaux Business School (France) and Madrid University (Spain) and has completed doctoral studies in France and in the United States. He has always been concerned with nature preservation and sustainable development. In 1996, his doctoral thesis was one of the first PhD theses published in France on ‘sustainable development’. A former rugby player, Jacques-Olivier Pesme is a member of the French Rugby Union (FFR).

When not in the vineyards or in a winery, JO enjoys skiing and surfing.




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